About Us

We have years of experience in the helping professions and in creating digital documents to assist us in our work here at NewMexicoDigital.com. We create software and applications to assist those, primarily in the helping professions, who must create and maintain required and necessary documentation for those they are charged with serving. One example of how our software and applications can be used is to address the day-to-day care documentation that direct providers must complete. One goal of our digital documents is to improve the ease and efficiency for providers so that such documentation does not interfere with the important role of providing direct care to clients and residents. A second goal of our digital documents is to make it easier for managers and nurses to review such documentation for accuracy and timeliness, thus improving safety for those serviced. All of our digital documents can be accessed and modified, by those authorized to do so, wherever an electronic device can access the internet.

Another use for our software applications is to store required documentation, in digital form, related to each individual serviced. In addition, our products automatically remind those responsible for creating and maintaining such information, and their supervisors, when a certain document is due. In addition, our documents are automatically color-coded so that each client‘s documentation and deadlines can be quickly reviewed to determine whether all such documentation is current. Still another use for our software and applications is to help professionals and agencies with the task of maintain records of required training for staff. Our products track such trainings, reminding those in charge when they are due and providing a digital storage facility for them.

We have also created software and applications that can automatically send out mass notices form an organization in text, email, or even in phone calls, about upcoming events. Unlike most texting software, the user can easily and quickly control who receives what message, add or remove text numbers and e-mail address, and control all aspects or the direct message system . 


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