Our Mission

Our mission is to assist those in the helping professions create and maintain the important documentation required to keep their clients safe and well cared for.  We support efficiency, accuracy and transparency in required documentation.


Our Vision

We believe the role of technology is to make the world a better, friendlier, less stressful place.  We want to actively contribute to the improvement of the world through the digitization of  documentation that must be created, maintained, reviewed, and issued in the care and treatment of others.  By easing recordkeeping burdens place upon direct care providers, by reducing the worries of families and friends, and reducing the stress of those administrators charged with managing the care of clients and residents, we will improve the safety and wellbeing of those clients being served. 

By making the job of the direct care providers easier and more accurate we are making their job easier , making the individual safer, and administrators less stressful.

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